Ticks – Hard to Remove, Hard to Eliminate

Have you ever had a tick bite you and latch onto your skin? If so, you’ve likely figured out that these little creatures are a lot harder to shake off than you would imagine. It seems as though they’ve gotten stuck inside you, which can cause many people to panic.

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The tick has evolved to have a mouth that is perfect for feeding the way it does. In fact, ticks have a lifespan of about 3 years but will only feed about 3 times during those years. For this reason, they make each meal count and are highly effective feeders.

Female Ticks

Female ticks are some of the most effective feeders of all, with the ability to greatly increase its body mass – by 200 times – when feeding. They can do this thanks to hooks that are used to pry the skin open, which gives them the space needed to push themselves into the gap they create.

Once they are there, the saliva released by the tick encourages blood to come near the skin’s surface so that the tick can sip their meal as they please and fall off once they’ve become engorged. You should get ticks off of you before they become engorged as they are more likely to transmit diseases when they have been attached for more than 24 hours.

If you want to remove a tick, you’ll find that it’s not as easy as flicking or shaking it off. Don’t light it on fire or use Vaseline – just pull it out gently using a pair of tweezers. If you’ve noticed more bites, speak to a tick extermination company el paso residents can trust. Ticks can be unsettling, but as long as you remove them and remain vigilant you can ensure that you don’t fall victim to any of the disease they carry or become a large meal for a female tick.